Podcasting, or creating audio files can be ways to spice up the projects and assignments. Below are a few different ways to have students create and share audio files.

Simplest way
  • no music, just voice recordings
  • create a blog on www.posterous.com
  • use www.audioboo.fm (either on computer or on iPod or iPhone)
  • set up audioboo account to post directly to your posterous account
  • record something using audioboo and hit “publish” and it automatically gets posted on your posterous blog for all to listen to

Alternatively, you can create recordings with voice, music and sound effects.
*note, you can get your podcast into the iTunes store if you know how to make a “feed”, or, alternatively you can use a paid for program called LibSyn and then register your podcast with iTunes.

Minds on Media Day- May 20, 2011
Sean McGaughey- Gifted Classroom Teacher- Bayview Public School
Twitter: @Sean_McGaughey email smcgaughey at scdsb dot on dot ca
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Bayview Family Literacy Day Website
My Podcast: For The Sake of the Song
My audiobook recordings on Librivox.org

At lunchtime, I recorded a
Minds on Media Interview with Jaclyn Calder and Peter Skillen

Listen Here