Moodle is an online "learning management system". It is a place you can organize all your class materials for students to access. You can link websites, wikis, blogs, documents, audio, images, videos, etc. You can create online quizzes and assignments within the environment as well.

Creating Your Account

Step 1: Please request your ABEL account HERE. You will get an email from ABEL once your account has been created. It will include login information
Step 2: Create your Moodle account HERE (create new account on right). This will create a “student” account for you.
Step 3: Request ABEL to upgrade your account to “teacher” status (which allows you to create your own courses)
How-to video: – Requesting your Moodle account be upgraded

Creating Your Moodle Class

Once you have your Moodle account created, follow the video below to create your course.
How-to video: How to set-up your course

Embedding Voicethreads into Moodle

How-to video: How to embed a voicethread into your Moodle course

Other excellent resources to support using Moodle:

Learn Ontario video tutorial for Moodle 1.9 – there are 100+ short video tutorials here on using the setttings and features of Moodle.
Teacher Documentation – see the right hand side of this page for a whole list of how-to documents about different settings and features in Moodle.