Frames and Digital Story Telling

Throughout history, people have had a desire to tell their stories, whether it is through art, dance, music, poetry or prose, everyone has a story to tell. Digital storytelling is a short, video narrative that combines many digital elements: voice, video and still images, music and other sound effects. The ability to document an experience using digital storytelling is a creative process that can affect both the creator and the viewer in profound ways. As each person sees and perceives experiences in different ways, their approach to telling their story digitally will also differ.

There are several tools available that students can use to create digital stories:

Programs on Board Network

Windows Movie Maker
Photoshop Elements
Premiere Elements
Frames 4

Online Sources:


Examples of Digital Stories created using Frames 4


A Coyote Story

Inuit Tale

Media for Download

Download this file for media to use to create a short clip in Frames

Sootface Pictures

Tutorials for Digital Storytelling

Photoshop Elements
Premiere Elements
Frames 4 You Tube Tutorial

Royalty Free Music

Purple Planet

Free Play Music

Adobe Youth Voices Essentials

Adobe Youth Voices Essentials
Adobe Youth Voices Essentials is a set of open curricula and resources for educators to create breakthrough learning experiences for young people. Based on the best practices of the Adobe Youth Voices program, the Adobe Foundation's signature philanthropy initiative, these tools help empower youth to "create with purpose."
There are four separate media areas: photography, music video, print and animation that have a variety of classroom resources and activities that will lead students through the digital storytelling and reflection process.